Monday, July 23, 2012


Well I had a GREAT WEEKEND!! Saturday was a day road trip to the beach, Yes there was some seaweed and A LOT OF UNDERTOW, but I had not been to DESTIN / FORT WALTON, FL in YEARS AND IT WAS GREAT TO BE ON THE BEACH!! After being there for about an 1.5 hours we had a storm come up so what did we do .... went to do some high class thrift shopping...(needed clothes but not spend a lot in transition) Was excited with my purchases!! I had food packed I had ate my protein so when they went to eat pizza I took in my cucumbers, then back on the beach everyone had their beer, I had water with lemon juice!! Dinner I ordered Grilled chicken ceasar salad, no dressing, cheese or croutons, yesterday a day at home by the pool, they had marinated steak and kabobs I had london broil with a grilled onion!!! DRUM ROLL AND YES AFTER THIS WEEKEND DOWN 2.5 LBS SINCE FRIDAY!! YOU CAN FOLLOW PROTOCOL, HAVE FUN AND STILL BE A LOSER!!!! Well I had a GREAT WEEKEND!! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Well Day 2 of back on VLCD ... Plus a new Picture

Could not believe that this am I had lost all of my load weight plus back below LDW from May 12th!!! Life id great and I LOVE THIS PROTOCOL!!! I wanted to share a new recipe that was absolutely tasty today!! Always looking for something new to do with chicken and lettuce, especially with me allergic to shellfish so limits my food choices even more!!!!

I hope you enjoy as much as I did!!!!

This past weekend I gathered with some of my Classmates that attended the 25yr class reunion, this is a current picture that was taken of me. I did not even fuss about my picture taken, progress in my journey!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pizza options!!!!

Well we have all seen the option of using the cauliflower, egg and cheese crust and it is delicious. I can never find sugar free or low net carbs sauces in the town I live so I have a new option I have been using as a sauce net 1g Carb no sugar. 

So I saw this on Pinterest believe it was originally posted by Adkin's Low Carb, But you use chicken breast for the crust!!! This was absolutely delicious, even the non healthy eaters in my family loved it!!!!

So, first I took 4 oz of chicken breast and flattened out, then I added some seasonings of garlic powder, onion powder and oregano.

Step 2 spooned on the sauce of the Classico Bruschetta (R)

Step 3 added Turkey Pepperoni

Step 4 added a few rinsed black beans ( this was not listed as an ingredient, I just love them so thought I would try, my nephew could not figure out in the first bite that was different then one rolled on his plate, he said LOVE IT!!)

Step 5 I topped with the veggies I selected, I chopped some baby portabella mushrooms, a little of red, yellow and orange sweet peppers, topped with some red onion.

Step 6 put in preheat oven and baked around 350 for 20 minutes (ovens vary) then I took out topped with cheese cheese and bake an additional 10 minutes till cheese was melted.

Step 7 I turned oven to broil for a minute or two just to turn the cheese a pretty golden brown!!!

This was a great dinner and wanted to share with you!!!!! I hope you will try and enjoy as well!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Phasing into Maintenance.....

Okay, yesterday I finished my drops around 8PM last night so now we are in the 72 hours of staying on VLCD without HCG. I know when I was on the injections this became difficult at the end of the 72 hours feeling hungry, so I will focus on drinking extra water to keep the hunger on the low side. I did not get to my "number" I had picked for this round; however, I lost 25 pounds in 36 days of VLCD which came to over my goal of .5lbs per day!!! ** LOOK AT THIS VISUAL PICTURE!! I was hoping that my 2 pound variance might get me to that number but will be a little above. I am not stressing because think I had a really good round with the hours I maintained at work over 75 hours a week this was a successful round. I am looking forward to a big huge salad with lots of mixed veggies come the end of my 72 hours I am sure you will see a picture of this posted!!! As my journey continues, I have figured that my next round should get me past the "RE-DO" and into new Digits can't wait!!! Wish all of you Mother"s, a Happy Mother's Day!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Only 2 days of drops until ..... Maintenance

Okay, past the stall again! Yesterday MINUS 1.1, today MINUS .2!! I only have today and tomorrow left on my drops this round and I am 3.6 pounds above a number I would have like to reached or went below!! I will be close enough that I hope that during my maintenance I will be able to get to that number or maybe below!! With this said, my next round should be the last of teh "RE-DO" rounds and should also be able to hit NEW DIGITS!!! I can't wait to be back on the losing side of the scale; however, I am ready to embrace  the Maintenance and enjoy a HUGE SALAD!! Yes that is what I want more than anything LOL!!! Have a GREAT Day and HAPPY LOSING !!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Getting ready to phase into Maintenance 1

Well, as I had posted a few days ago Friday May 12th was the last day of my drops to phase into Maintenance 1 and this has just been reconfirmed. I have hit another 4 day stall not one ounce up or down and when I went to refill my spray bottle with drops I am almost out. So my last day of drops will be Friday unless I  run out of drops sooner. I am mainly ready for a variety of veggies and a GREAT BIG Salad LOL!!!!

With the numbers I have had this time averaging over .5 pounds loss per day it will take me to finish this round and one more round to finish the "RE-DO" but looking on the bright side that I know what to do!!

I have always previously used the injections, I really liked the convenience of the once a day shot and move on! I can say that I have gotten great numbers with using drops (first round ever used). Yes it took practice to get in a routine of using drops several times a day, but I have the determination. You all know it is not easy to get the injections without spending a lot of money at the doctor, which I did my first round! Now not living in Florida I don't even know a Dr. that would prescribe where I live back in Alabama. Many of my friends had success with the drops so I said I would try. I think I had equal if not better results than some of my previous rounds on the injections. I really did not notice as much hair loss either.

I hope this information is helpful to you and also you all see even with the stalls, stay on track and remember this is generally when you are loosing your inches!! My clothes get baggier every day and people around me notice!! That is my encouragement when the scales stay the same number day after day!! Now hope it is this easy during maintenance (usually that is when we fluctuate...LOL) Have a GREAT day!!!

As I  continue my journey one pound and inch at a time..........

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Planning Key to Success.....

Woo Hoo, another good day to report in VLCDland... That is a -1.2 this am!! even after being at work for 12 hours yesterday!! I can just not say how important it is to have food in portion sizes and cook ahead as much as you can!! Yesterday morning when I got up before going to work, I had some extra chicken cooked so it was super easy to grab that then just decide on the veggies and fruit I needed to go for the day. Last night when I got home I grabbed some portions of chicken and fish out of the freezer moved to refrigerator, this am while coffee was making I put out in sink to finish thawing. I work a 9 hour day today but before work I will have today's and probably tomorrow's food cooked since Monday is a 11 hour day! KEYS TO ALL SUCCESS IS PLANNING!!!

Today I have also completed my plan for this round and when my maintenance will end and begin to load for what will be my LAST 'RE=DO" ROUND!! I am projecting my last day on HCG will be May 12th, and first day of Maintenance phase 1 will be May 15th. June 5th will be the first day of Maintenance phase 2 and guess what that will land me 4 weeks so I can load over July 4th weekend and my 25th class reunion from High School, What a great plan on when I can load (LOL)!!! So July 8th will start my first day back on VLCD and can't wait to rid the last of the "RE-DO" AND HIT NEW NUMBERS AND CLOSER TO MY TRUE GOALS!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT day!!